Welcome to PoGO KWCG!

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.

A little bit of history: The Pokemon GO community in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph is very active and has been since the game's inception. As time progressed, we realized that the game provided little tools for trainer collaboration. Many social platforms were utilized, but few were able to provide a full set of tools to help trainers with their game.


Upon assessing Discord's features, the PoGO KWCG server was founded on February 17, 2017. With many lessons learned, it allowed us to continuously build the tools which continuously met those needs.


Today, our Discord Server contains over 7000 trainers and the dynamic between the community and the tools that helped it manifest created one of the most unique gaming experiences for Pokemon GO. Several people who visit our Discord Server, play with our community, or take part in any of our events have expressed their appreciation. And to that, we thank you all.


This website was created to work in conjunction with our Discord Server. With your help, we will continue identifying our community needs, and adding tools and content to both the site and Discord. Our aim is to ensure that KWCG and surrounding areas are provided with the best Pokemon GO experience possible.

Be sure to visit our Events page for a listing of all in-game events, as well as our Discord Server to see what the talk is all about.

Our community goes beyond just the Discord and website. The nature of the game is to 'get up and GO!', and that's exactly what we've been doing. We take part in community engagement events such as fundraisers, BBQ's, pot lucks, cleanups and more! It is an opportunity for us to discover and rediscover our wonderful communities while giving something back.

We thank you again for visiting and we look forward to meeting you in our adventures!